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Sunday, 12 April 2015


by Agus Miswanto

Most people have paid much attention to what happen in Iraq and Syria today, including Indonesian people. As Indonesian, I am very concerned what was popping up and blowing up by several Medias in the world spreading about conflicts and war in Iraq and Syria on western perspective. Most people, from the west to the east, from the north to the south, have blamed that problem maker in Iraq and Syria is The ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria). Objectively and critically, what happen in Iraq and Syria actually is not simple like we see in the surface and reported in several media today. Therefore, all problems what happen in Iraq and Syria burdened to the ISIS, is over simplified even cynical. Why? Because root of problem actually, it is based on western act and treat, especially American strategy to win domination over the Middle East area economically, militarily, and politically. Even though, I also do not agree with what the ISIS has done such torture, hatred, and killing innocent people, in which their treats have bad implication to people and Islam.

Iraq Conflict:  The US Interest

If we root three decade ago even more, American, even western has double standard. It could be seen in the conflicts between Iraq and Iran in 1980s. The US government in that time, was prominent supporter to Iraq in which, every people knew, that chief of Iraq was Sadam Husein; in later to be the most enemy of the US. Well-known as a strongest military in Middle East in that time, all military equipment of Iraq such air crafts, missile, bombs, was supplied by US and the Western.  Why the US and Western countries was to be supporters to Iraq? It was blatantly, that the US and its allies to defeat Iran which is an important allies of Russia. Iraq and Iran in that time, were prominent and the biggest exporters of oil in the world. So economically, the US had advantages due to the conflicts between Iraq and Iran. The US could export high technologies of arm to Iraq, in which of course, the need to arm equipment was very high. And it could be bartered by oil, in where Iraq produced it. Then, Iraq got the arm equipment and the US got oils which lowest cost. And politically, the US had double advantages: the first, the US could reach more domination in Middle East area, which made many allies of Middle East countries. Second, the US could defeat Iran which to be Soviet allies, without sending the troops in the battle area. So it was cheap cost to defeat Iran as Soviet allies in those areas.  

After the end of Iraq and Iran wars, Iraq was to be a strongest country in the Middle East. And the US did not want what Iraq had achieved. Because politically, the US domination in the Middle East in danger. There for, the US searched ways and strategies to block Iraq to be strongest military country.  One of strategies was, Iraq to be provoked to claim that Kuwait was one of parts of Iraq. Therefore, Iraq had rights to invade Kuwait due to that claim. Due to this situation, war in Middle East started in worst.  The US has a key to take intervention step through the UN, in which the UN released agreement toward the US military intervention to Iraq. To defeat Iraq, the US invited its allies from many countries to join military operation in Iraq. It was a brilliant strategy of the US government to defeat Iraq, in which the US was not single fighter to invade and occupy Iraq militarily and economically. So, the military operation by the US and its allies was not merely to save Kuwait, as motivation, but there was a hidden agenda; it was, actually operation of economical and political interest of the US Government; that was oil.

When, the US invading Iraq, the US did not merely release its troops in Iraq, but the US develop several paramilitary groups in Iraq to battle Sadam Husain. After defeating Sadam Husain, paramilitary groups want to develop a new country, a more democratic country than before. One of paramilitary groups which supported by the US was the ISIS like now. This group, actually, was small group which have allegation with other groups having same platform. The development of the group gradually has magnetic sympathy from diverse part of the world.  Therefore, many people who have sympathy to this group, they want to join although they have to take long journey to Iraq.

Arab Spring and the Syria Conflict: The US Proxies

In 2010, in which Arab spring started, it has contributions to the paramilitary groups in Arab to battle to topple and defeat the dictatorship system spreading in many Arab countries, including Syria. Syria although is well-known as having presidential system, like in democratic country, but the system is run in that country actually is not democratic. It is due to the concern of many western countries. Assad as president of Syria is like king in monarchies system. He is untouchable and powerful person. Therefore, there are many people who do not want such situation, especially in Syria itself. Whenever, the Arab Spring popped up in 2010, many groups in Syria took chance to challenge the government system of Syria to change.

To respond the challenge of several rebellions in Syria, Assad took hard action, even took army strategy to destroy and dismantle the rebellion rising in several Areas in Syria. The reason of Syrian government to take hard action is to protect the stability of government and state.  But hard action took by the government of Syria did not success, even give bad implication to people of Syria. Furthermore, many governments in Middle East and western countries reacted negatively toward what Syrian government has been taking. Even Syrian government was blamed to have mass killing in many areas of Syria. Furthermore, the sad situation was still running, western countries and the US government wanted that President Assad have to topple from the top position of presidential; of course the option was not accepted by Assad. But the western countries and the US did not have a key to take military intervention directly to Syria. Therefore, they took other strategy to arm many rebellion groups in Syria.  Even this strategy was also supported by the Saudi and turkey’s government. The US gave arm equipment supply to the rebellion in Syrian through Saudi and Turkey. So Saudi and Turkey actually are being proxies of the US government.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: Unwanted American Proxy

Iraq and Syria 

The war and conflict in Iraq and Syria force people to live in bad condition and situation. Most people wherever they live, of course they want to live in safety. The western and US government give help such as military intervention and support several rebellion groups, actually people are accepted and they have dream that they immediately will live in good condition. Unlike dream, the situation and condition there is still running in bad condition, even the worst. The people have struggle and they have to determine what will happen in their future and they do not believe any more in western help and wish. 

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is actually integration of many groups of rebellion in Iraq and Syria to be one in chief under Abu Bakar al-Bagdadi commando. Many rebellion groups which separated and live in small group, they group in one chief commando. So this group, ISIS, become more famous and gradually accepted by people in Iraq and Syria. Even this rebellion could promote the attractive ideology, Islamic plate form, to people. Why, people in Iraq and Syria are interested? It is easy to answer; because of people in this area have a long time, lived under secular regime which suppressed them; dictatorship regime; Assad and Sadam is like. So whenever people in Iraq and Syria choose their future by supporting the ISIS due to secular regime before could not protect and secure them, their option actually is not fear of any country, even to be enemy in the world. May be it would be different, if the rebellion does not proclaim the state independently as Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. They would be getting support from many countries; especially the US and western Countries?